Traditional Pho in Hanoi

Traditional Pho in Hanoi

Pho is a special gift of Hanoi. It is not only Hanoi, but Traditional Pho in Hanoi is especially delicious. Since the 1930s, Pho has become a familiar dish with not only Vietnamese but also foreigners. On the old narrow streets in Hanoi, it is not difficult to catch the Pho’s smell from the early morning until late at night. Pho Hanoi consists of the flavor of the land called Thang Long, the name of ancient Hanoi.

Pho represents the whole generations and the spirit of Hanoi.  Over the centuries, this ancient dish has been preserved and handed down through generations of Hanoians. Today, finding a noodle shop in Hanoi is very easy, but not all the places sell the traditional Pho noodle. There are some restaurants which have the best Pho as reviewed by Pho lovers.

“Khôi Hói- Phở Chuyên Bò”  on 50 Hang Vai Street. The price is around 40,000-60,000  VND (2-3$) 

“Phở GÂN BÒ” (Beef Tendon Pho) on  01 Đang Tran Con – Dong Da- HN

  • Broth:  excellent. It is truly from beef and bone, not seasoning powder
  • Pho noodle: fragrant
  • Beef: meat is soft, fragrant and not hard but tender. You can order soft ones if you like.
  • Service: fast, enthusiastic.
  • Price : 25 000 VND (over 1$)

“Duck Pho – Oanh Van” next to Dam Khe Lake, on Nguyen Viet Dong Street, Ha Dong District, HN

Pho here is the right type of “delicious meat, sweet from the bone”. Duck rolls paint, chopped herbs, yellow skin and crunchy. Apart from the duck, there are also Char Siu and Vietnamese sausage. One bowl is full but only 25k, more noodles costs 30k.

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