Officetel in Vietnam

Officetel in Vietnam

Officetel in Vietnam is blooming in the downtown area. Where is quite expensive and lack of small offices.

Workplaces and residental places are apart from each other costing lots of money and time.

Novaland's officetel with area of 34.8 sm.           Officetel in Vietnam

What is Officetel model?

This is a multifunctional apartment model rooted in Korean back in the 80s. it is combines workplace and residental place. So that, this model saves much cost and time for the owners, especially suitable for small and medium enterprises who require small office areas.

Officetel in Vietnam is small, however it is included kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilet… and office’s function. Normally, the Officetels is located on the lower floors of buildings. And the size is ranged from 25 – 50sm.

So what is the benefits of an Officetel:

  1. The location of these Officetel in Vietnam are often in the downtown area, so that, it is convenient for doing business.
  2. The office and residental place are  the same place. This can help to save lots of money and time.
  3. You can enjoy all utilities of the building like: swimming pool, Gym centre, commercial center, cafe, etc.
  4. This office model is suitable for foreigner business, group of startups.



Novaland's officetel with area of 34.8 sm.      Novaland’s Officetel with area of 34.8 sm.

Where to rent an Oficetel in Vietnam?

Currently, officetel in Vietnam are pretty new to the market and the supply remains limited.

1Clickstay- We collects all the information of all Officetel in Vietnam. However, we only choose the professional investors to distribute office for them. Recently, there are many Big names like Vingroup, Novaland … is in this thriving market model.

Some of projects in Hanoi with officetels you can refer to check are: The Manor Central Park, Vinhome Central Park, Vinhome D’ Capitale, Vinhome Green bay.

Beside, Projects in Ho Chi Minh are  : Orchard Garden project, , Rivergate project, The Tresor,The Sun Avenue project, Sunrise City project, Sunrise City View, Kingston, GardenGate project and so on.

The rental of officetels is around 700$/month

Novaland's officetel with area of 34.8 sm.        Novaland’s officetel with area of 34.8 sm.

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