Name of the Branch and Representative Office in Vietnam

Name of the Branch and Representative Office in Vietnam

Opening a business location or dependent unit is completely dependent on the business’s needs. However, when naming a branch, representative office or place of business, it is compulsory to comply with the law.

The name of the branch, RO, the business location must be written in Vietnamese alphabet, letters F, J, Z, W, digits, and symbols (similar just like naming a business). In addition, the branch or RO’s name must bear the enterprise’s name with the phrase “branch”  or “representative office” respectively. This provision helps other entities to identify subordinate units and can find out information about it through the enterprise information. The name of the branch, RO and business location must have the writing or attach there. The name of the branch or RO shall be printed or written in a size smaller than that of the enterprise on the transaction papers, documents, and publications issued by themselves.

According to Article 20 of Decree No. 78/2015 / ND-CP:

  • Apart from Vietnamese name, branch, representative office, and business location may register its name in a foreign language and its abbreviation;
  • The name of the branch, representative office or business location shall not have the phrase “company” or “enterprise”.

The stipulation of having a foreign name or initials has made it easier for units to carry out their functions. In addition, the use of the term “company”, “enterprise” is to distinguish the business name, avoid confusion.

The law has no regulations about identical names and misleading names for the dependent units. The reason is their names already contain the enterprise’s name. For the business name when approved, it is able to distinguish the name of others. Therefore, when the name of the branch, representative office, place of business complies with the regulations, they will be able to distinguish themselves.

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