Moving to Hanoi, what should you take note?

Part I: Accommodation hunting

The first things about moving to Hanoi is that it is kind of easy and affordable to establish yourself within a short time after your arrival

1 Bedroom for rent at Tay Ho

Typical expat areas mainly choose to stay at Tay Ho dist (70% expats living here) the rest choose to stay at Hoan Kiem, Dong Da, Ba Dinh dist… There are many type of accommodation: Rooms in shared houses, Aparments, fully Serviced Apartments or Office-tel (where you can have a comfortable place to work and stay at same place). You can write your accommodation requirements at and you will be support directly from professional agents, so you just viewing and decide what you want.

And even if you not yet here in Vietnam, you can request to make a livestream viewing the accommodation and then you can transfer the deposit to block the apartment before you came here. The agents is really helpful because they will only collect the commission form the landlord so you will never have to care about the fee.

Second, Bring a little amount of money with you when going to view the Apartment is necessary incase you need to block it  because it could be rented by other housing hunter any time. About the payment terms, usually, it is 3 months advance payment because the landlord dont want to find the tenant all the times and they don’t want to collect it every month.

Lastly, Hanoi has a very active Facebook community HANOI MASSIVE HOUSING, Have you ever using housing groups in order to find accommodation? There are many Rooms, Apartments there so you can join and search there.

One more thing have to take note is that Foreigners will also be asked to provide a copy of their passport and visa. By law, landlords in Vietnam have to report this information to the government when they rent out a property to an expat.

>> Part II: How to find a good accommodation in Ha Noi

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