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DO & DON’Ts in Vietnam

Tourism has a strong impact on local cultures. It is worth remembering, that despite the growth of western trends and habits, Southeast Asian countries have quite conservative cultures Vietnam is a friendly country that is generally safe to travel to…

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Traditional Pho in Hanoi

Traditional Pho in Hanoi Pho is a special gift of Hanoi. It is not only Hanoi, but Traditional Pho in Hanoi is especially delicious. Since the 1930s, Pho has become a familiar dish with not only Vietnamese but also foreigners. On…

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REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE VS 100% FOREIGN OWNED COMPANY While representative offices (RO)only have the function of contacting, exploring the market, promoting the business opportunities, the Company can carry out business activities to bring about profits. When conducting them, foreign traders may get…

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The Best Vegan Foods in Hanoi

The best vegan foods in Hanoi Vietnamese cuisine is world famous but it’s probably the last place you’d think of for vegan food. Despite what you may have heard the bustling capital Hanoi can be a haven for the ethical…

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New Rules for Utilizing Bank Accounts of RO

New Rules for Utilizing Bank Accounts of RO Circular No. 32/2016 / TT-NHNN on guiding the opening and utilizing bank accounts at organizations providing payment services stipulates that organizations without legal person status such as households, private companies, law firms…

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Extension of RO’s Operation Licenses in Vietnam

Extension of RO’s Operation Licenses in Vietnam According to the provisions of law, the setup permit of an RO shall be valid for a maximum period of five years without exceeding the time limit stated in the business registration certificate or paper…

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